Paper Bag Packaging Printing Ink Supply Device

Hand-held ink device

Hand-held ink extruder can be used for several ink fountains, it’s flexible and cost-effective. It’s easy and simple to handle and induction performance is efficient. Use lithium battery, it can squeeze 200 bags of paper bag packaging ink on a single charge.

Automatic paper bag packaging ink supply device-6KG

This device is a bracket free design, easy for installation. Due to supply ink on the edge of the ink fountain, ink will not draw and this design will keep the equipment clean and tidy. It can hold 6KG ink at a time and meet production requirements for one shift. The ink in the device will not skinning based on the function of automatic flushing nitrogen.

Single-arm paper packing device

The equipment is easy to install and operate. It has the advantafe of low cost and efficient.

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